Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kitchen Repair

Hello Everyone,

We hope that all is well? We are settled back here in Nanaimo and looking forward to summer's arrival but hopefully we can get some more rain first to help get us through the dry summer months. In Cambodia they have been having the worst drought in many years. The largest man-made reservoir in the world, the West Baray, had gone totally dry before the rains arrived last week so we are thankful that the drought has eased.

With the first rains in four months there was a strong windstorm that blew off the roof of the school kitchen at Trakiet Primary and Middle School, where we built the four new classrooms this past season.

 Thanks to our friend Kim, who we work with on many projects, getting in touch with us we were able to fund the new roof and Kim arranged for the community to replace the roof and restore the kitchen to working order the next day. The kitchen is a very important part of the schools in Cambodia as they provide, in most cases, the only meal of the day for many of the poorest children.
Even though we are back in Canada, K.I.D.S. continues to support ongoing projects as well as emerging needs. Thanks to the generous support we receive, children in Cambodia are able to have access to: education, clean water, medicine, safe housing and brighter futures. We will continue to keep you posted.
Wishing you and yours all the very best,
Adrianne and Rick