Thursday, October 26, 2017

Community Computers

Hi Everyone,

Over the summer we have been working on bringing women and young people computer skills. In the N.E. of Cambodia we assist an amazing program called Stung Treng Women's Development Centre. K.I.D.S. has provided an onsite daycare kindergarten here for many years. Thanks to K.I.D.S. donors women can make a good living wage weaving beautiful silk products while their children are steps away receiving a good education at the K.I.D.S onsite daycare/preschool.

This year S.W.D.C. decided to expand it's education programs to assist women and young people to learn computer skills and they asked K.I.D.S. for our support. Learning computer skills enables women and students to improve and broaden their opportunities for employment and education and break the cycle of poverty. The poverty level is high in this area.

We are very happy to say that we have been able to open two computer classes recently. K.I.D.S. funded one and thanks to the Healthy Role Models program owned and founded by Sarah Gilks of Nanaimo, we were able to fund a second computer lab. Hundreds of people showed up to register for computer classes.

This is the first free computer program in the city and most likely the whole province so being able to support two computer labs will certainly change lives and improve futures.

Healthy Role Models is a women's fitness and health program. Women from all over Canada and around the world join this supportive and creative online program. The women also believe in giving back and creating a ripple effect of good.

Thank you to Sarah and all the women who helped raise funds to support other women in their pursuit to better their lives and thanks to all our donors for supporting this program. 

With Gratitude,
Rick and Adrianne

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

Hope that you are well on this Thanksgiving Day, sharing food and spending time with family and friends.

We received these photos recently of children in Cambodia who are thankful to K.I.D.S. and everyone who supports them to further their education. Together​,​ so far this year​,​ we have​ purchased over 120 bikes so children are able to travel the long distances to get to school.

A special thank you to children here who have baked, busked, sold lemonade and donated birthday funds to help improve the lives of children over there.

With Gratitude,
Rick and Adrianne