Sunday, November 20, 2016

Farewell For Now

Dear Friends,

Here we are once again; spring, summer and now fall is almost gone. We are poised to leave in a matter of hours for Cambodia. Collectively this will be our 17th year of assisting children and families in S.E Asia, hard to believe.

Last year we achieved a milestone of bringing more than five thousand children and their families clean drinking water after the completion of our tenth water project. We have in hand recourses for one more water project so far this trip and hopefully we can work toward serving five thousand more kids in the future.

Aside from water our combined efforts have changed the lives of so many children and families in countless ways. From the construction of classrooms to ease overcrowding, keeping floating schools from actually sinking, providing teacher's salaries for English classes and setting up computer labs for high schools. Many children have been sponsored by KIDS to further or complete their education/vocational training and move their lives and the lives of their families forward, breaking the cycle of poverty. We provide a safe home for girl's and support women to earn a decent living wage for themselves and their families.

Hundreds of children have been cured of illness and nursed back to health due to the combined efforts of KIDS support. These are the larger achievements but there are countless smaller ones, like: providing cooking pots and pans, new tin roofs or bicycles and shoes so kids can get to school....and the list goes on.

On behalf of KIDS we want to send you our sincere appreciation for your contributions of funds, support, volunteerism and positive wishes and this list goes on and on as well.

So as we sadly say goodbye to family and friends here we are excited and grateful to add to our combined efforts of positive change for the kids in Cambodia.

We look forward to keeping you up to date through e-mails and posts.

Please take care and we will be in touch soon.
With thanks, respect and appreciation,
Rick and Adrianne