Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Computer Dreams

Hello Everyone,

We hope all is well with you.

Imagine a high school with 4,500 students and only twenty computers. The twenty computers and one printer are also used by all the teachers and the administration staff. We recently doubled the number of computers and added another printer and will work on more in the future.

Education is a very strong focus for KIDS and over the past couple of years we have set up computer labs at high schools, KIDS home for girl's, our Smart Kids sponsorship program and an inner city free school.

Like our world at home computer skills are a necessary for any student to move on to university, business or self-employment. Access to computers is still very limited in Cambodia and many students hit a wall when it comes to writing papers in university, vocational training or applying for jobs.

The students are voracious learners of computer skills and many are well on their way with typing skills acquired by a print out of a keyboard on a piece of paper that they practice on before they even have access to an actual computer.

Thank You once again to KIDS donors and supporters for putting opportunity into the hands of these students and greatly improving their chances of a better future.

Bye for now,
Rick and Adrianne