Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kids, Kindergartens and Kitchens

Dear Friends,

Sometimes it is the things we don't really notice that can make life uncomfortable for others. Here in Cambodia we visit many schools for various reasons: to put in clean drinking water systems, bring bikes, build classrooms and give school supplies. The teachers and principals don't ask for much and are grateful for any support K.I.D.S. can provide. Recently we were visiting a couple of schools we have supported in the past. While there, we visited the three kindergarten classrooms and noticed that the rooms had rough concrete floors and the children were sitting on plastic sheets as to not to get their uniforms dirty. As we know little ones love to play on the floor and in a country like Cambodia most people often sit on the floor to play, learn, eat and visit. The principals mentioned that they would really like to tile the floors so it was cleaner for the children and so we had the three classrooms tiled and voila everyone was much happier, cleaner and more comfortable. We also tiled one office, where the teachers work and store supplies as they were battling dust and discomfort as well. Thanks very much to the Compassionate Eye Foundation and K.I.D.S. donors for helping make this happen!

Imagine feeding 600 kids a day with a few pots, pans and working on the cement floor...well that is what Feeding Dreams Cambodia does every school day. This great program provides free English lessons to over 600 students and a free meal program. Most of the kids live in slum areas in the city and could never afford to learn English and in a tourist place like Siem Reap English will help get them a job one day. Thanks to K.I.D.S. donors we were able to build a new kitchen; needless to say that the kitchen staff were thrilled and can now work in a clean and well equipped space and continue to churn out nutritious meals...for some kids it will be their only real meal of the day. Together over the years K.I.D.S. has provided this great school with bathrooms, clean drinking water, computers for their free computer training program and support for their outreach program. Hats off to Kerry Huntly and the incredible Cambodian staff who work tirelessly to improve the futures of children and youth.

On behalf of hundreds of kids who are healthier and happier thanks to you, we send our appreciation!
All the best until next time,
Adrianne and Rick