Sunday, March 12, 2017

Building Houses with Lush Charity Pot Project

Dear Friends,
Last post we talked about partnering with Lush Charity Pot to build six houses, install six bathrooms, rain water catchment systems and provide 33 solar systems for our Smart Kids sponsorship program. We are incredibly grateful to Lush Charity Pot for not only providing funds for this project but also for bringing some of their North American staff over to build the houses and connect culturally with the families living in poverty and mostly working for the brick factories. Twenty-three Lush staff including Karen Wolverton,
​ ​
the owner of North American Lush, joined us for a great experience that positively changed families lives forever.  The closing ceremony was incredibly moving as families stood up to thank Lush and to say how much this meant to them. One woman, with tears in her eyes, said she never dreamt that she would ever live in a good house outside the brick factory. Although these houses are very humble they are a huge improvement from what they lived in before. We were also able to visit some of our other projects and have some fun with the kids. Do check out Lush Charity Pot and see the inspiring and compassionate work they do for our world, they definitely are a company with a vision and a commitment to social justice. Thank you Lush!!
All the best to you and yours,
Adrianne and Rick