Friday, March 17, 2017

Back to Otasak

Dear Friends,
We recently finished renovating a very poor primary school in an isolated area in Cambodia. A Big Thank You to Sarah Gilks and the Healthy Role Models (HRM) program participants, who raised funds to assist the children and teachers at this school that serves 125 rural children. We first visited this school a couple of years ago. After taking van​s​, motorcycles and boats to get to the school what we found was an amazing principal who travels difficult roads to teach these children and at one point lived at the school for two years as there was no accessibility by road. After making this trip many times ourselves we have a true appreciation of the the dedication of the principal and the staff.

We asked K.I.D.S Cambodian builder and team if they would go there to work on the school and he said yes so they traveled with their gear down there and lived at the school for one that is dedication.

The children at the school had no access to clean water and had to drink from ponds or the river, both very dirty. Now the kids have access to clean drinking water every day and can drink as much as they want.

 The children also have access to the World Food Program which provides them with breakfast however there was not a real kitchen or eating area. Now they can eat in in a comfortable outside building and enjoy their meal.

The school was very run down and needed some help so we had it painted and bought book shelves, desks and tables for the teachers.

Some of the children have to walk on dusty roads an hour to two hours each way to get to school. Thanks to HRM we were able to make sure the the children who did not have bikes received bikes and now they can get to school without being exhausted.

Together we continue to bring relief, hope, education and good health to kids here. Thanks to all for your support and for making such a difference.

The best,
Rick and Adrianne