Thursday, March 23, 2017

Keeping Education Afloat

Hello Everyone

Hope this finds you all well? Back in December we wrote about a small school that was sinking in a floating village called Peckchekry in a small fishing community on the Tonle Sap Lake.

We took out some badly needed school supplies and helped decorate the school thanks to K.I.D.S. donors. We also promised to buy bamboo for this school that was barely afloat so it could continue to stay above water and bring education to the kids living in the village.

Thanks to Compassionate Eye Foundation ​we ​were able to buy and ship 750 pieces of large bamboo. We needed to wait until the water of the Tonle Sap Lake dropped due to the dry season and the school sat on the lake bottom. Then the villagers could remove the old bamboo and place the new bamboo under the easy feat as you will see in the attached video and pictures. However in true Cambodian fashion nothing is too difficult for these amazing resilient people to accomplish. A big thank you to Compassionate Eye Foundation, who continue to support our work and so generously support the children and families living in very challenging situations.

Together we continue to overcome obstacles to keep kids in school and change their futures and the futures of generations to come.

Akun Cheran (Thank You) from all of us.

Adrianne and Rick